17th-19th May 2017

Málaga, Spain

/ * Hack J On The Beach * /

Our host company, Valo, in collaboration with Globalcode, are proud to present this hackathon, which will bring the worlds of Big Data and IoT together to hack the J on The Beach event.

The Challenge

In this Hackathon, we will hack the event by programming sensors and IoT devices, feed data into Valo, a real-time big data analytics engine, and, finally, build real-time visualisations that show and give smart insights about what’s happening at J on The Beach.

You will be able to learn about a cutting edge big data technology, Valo, by implementing real and innovative use cases applied to the event (J on The Beach). At the same time, you will be able to participate in J on The Beach in a different, exciting way. You will be mentored by world class speakers and you will have the opportunity to present your project to the JOTB17 audience.




A laptop with your OS of choice Collaborative spirit and passion for hacking


The room will be split into two teams: one focussed on gathering data from the IoT devices and injecting it into Valo; the other querying the data in Valo and generating visualisations.

Collaboration between the two teams is essential, particularly when the visualisation team will need to use the results of the sensor team.

There will be prizes for the best projects on both teams, as decided by a jury made up of the organizers of the Hackathon, Valo, and representatives and speakers from J on The Beach.

Setting up the teams: at the beginning of the Hackathon there will be a brainstorming session and exchange of ideas among all the participants, based on the brief from the organizers. From there the projects will be defined, and participants will be able to choose their preferred team.


The hackathon is open to developers, hackers, data scientists, and in general all those interested in IoT, data analysis, data visualisation and even event organization. This is your hackathon if:

  • You like to hack collaboratively.
  • You want to learn more about Big Data, IoT, real-time data streams and data visualisation.
  • You are passionate about hacking, data, and visualisations.
  • You enjoy building stuff.

The hackathon, which starts on Wednesday, is free and will give you special access to the J On The Beach venue and a selection of talks (details to be confirmed) on Thursday and Friday. However you are expected to use most of the time on those two days to refine, document and test the project on-site. In addition, a welcome bag and food is included over the three days, together with the rest of the JOTB participants.

The technologies we will be working with:

  • IoT devices
  • Valo, our real-time big-data analytics engine
  • Visualisations on a browser environment, so we will be working with javascript, html, svg, and related technologies.



Valo is a distributed big-data real-time analytics engine. It is an evolution over current big-data solutions like Spark, as it allows to deal with real-time streams of data and at the same time acts as a distributed database, so real-time and historical data can be accessed and processed seamlessly.


Globalcode is a brazilian company founded by Yara and Vinicius Senger with more than 11 years of experience organising Tech events, hackathons and educational training for software developers.

/ * Schedule * /
Wednesday 17th May

9:00h - 20:00h

Ideation + Hacking

Thursday 18th May

9:00h - 18:30h

Hacking + Installation + Testing

Friday 19th May

9:00h - 13:00h

Presentation preparation

14:30h - 15:20h

Projects presentation

15:30h - 18:20h

JOTB Talks



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