No unicorns, no caticorns, just software development

Aarushi Kansal


Software developer

Aarushi is a software developer currently working at Tier, previously Deliveroo and ThoughtWorks. She codes in primarily Go and a bit of Python. Passionate about increasing diversity in tech and spends a lot of her time mentoring underrepresented groups.

Adam Paszke


Main author of PyTorch

Adam is an author of PyTorch. He has recently graduated from a Master’s program in Computer Science at the University of Warsaw, but he has already worked with multiple organizations such as Facebook AI Research, Google and NVIDIA. He is currently finishing his second major in Mathematics. His general interests include programming languages, graph theory, numerical computing and machine learning.

Alex Soto


Software Engineer

Alex is a Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat. He is passionate about Java world, software automation and he believes in the open source software model. Alex is the creator of NoSQLUnit project, member of JSR374 (Java API for JSON Processing) Expert Group, the co-author of Testing Java Microservices book for Manning and contributor of several open source projects. A Java Champion since 2017, international speaker and teacher at Salle URL University, he has talked about new testing techniques for microservices and continuous delivery in the 21st century.

Andreas Grimm


Software Engineer

Andreas is an expert in Identity & Access Management and a proponent of the serverless methodology. Because getting to a shared understanding with the business is more important than technical solutions, he’s into approaches like Domain-Driven Design and Collaborative Modeling. He’s from the community for the community and organizes several meetup groups in Berlin like @DDDBER, @fullstack_JS and @ServerlessBER.

Anh Cao

Principal Software Engineering Manager

Anh started her journey with Microsoft 10+ years ago. For past 7 years, Anh has worked in the Azure Network Security – DDoS Protection team. Anh currently manages a DevOps team of Network Engineer, Data Scientist and Software Engineers responsible for the protection of Microsoft and Azure customers against DDoS attacks.

Ara Pulido


Developer Relations

Ara Pulido has been working on open source infrastructure and system engineering for the past 12 years. She worked for Canonical for 9 years, helping making Ubuntu a great developer and IoT platform. After that, she worked 2.5 years full time on Kubernetes projects. Today, she is a Developer Advocate at Datadog, a job that allows her to continue learning new technology and teaching it to others.

Félix López


Engineer Manager

Félix López is engineering manager at Google with more than 18 years of experience. During his career, he has worked on web development, video games, distributed systems and fin-tech companies. He holds a Research Master in Intelligent Systems (including neural networks, speech processing, data mining, etc.). He is interested in Distributed Systems, Machine Learning and psychology.

Gloria Mainar Ruiz

Principal Software Engineer

Gloria is one of the leads in the Azure Networking Software Load Balancer team which is a DevOps team of Software Engineers responsible for providing internet connectivity and load balancing capabilities for Microsoft Azure customers.

Jaroslaw Rzepecki


Senior Research Engineer

Jaroslaw Rzepecki is a Senior Research Engineer at Microsoft Research Lab in Cambridge, UK. He has a MSc in theoretical physics from Nicolaus Copernicus University and a PhD in astrophysics from Heidelberg University. After completion of his PhD he joined video games industry where he worked on two published titles (DiRT 2, Grid). Jaroslaw has also worked as a research engineer in computer graphics, investigating solutions to the global illumination problem in video games. Currently he is working in the Game Intelligence group at MSR where he combines his passion for engineering, video games and machine learning to make video games more fun for everybody.

Reuben Bond



Reuben is a distributed systems enthusiast and developer on the Orleans team in Azure PlayFab at Microsoft. He first joined Microsoft in 2011 on the Azure Active Directory team and launched the multi-dimensional metrics system used by internal Microsoft services. Shortly after leaving Microsoft, and returning to Australia, he became involved with Orleans as an external contributor and soon found himself back in Redmond helping to simplify distributed systems development for all developers.

Roland Kuhn


CTO at Actyx

Dr. Roland Kuhn is CTO and co-founder of Actyx, a Munich-based company that makes state of the art software technology accessible to small and midsize factories. He also is the main author of Reactive Design Patterns and previously led the Akka team at Lightbend.

Sergey Bykov


Principal Software Development Lead at Microsoft

Joined Microsoft in 2001 and worked in several product groups, such as e-Business Servers, Embedded Devices, and Online Services, before moving to Research in 2008 to incubate Orleans. Sergey continues leading the Orleans team after open-sourcing the project, now within Microsoft Studios.

Tudor Gîrba



Tudor Gîrba (tudorgirba.com) is a software environmentalist and co-founder of feenk.com where he works with an amazing team on Glamorous Toolkit (gtoolkit.com), a novel IDE that enables moldable development (moldabledevelopment.com). In 2014, he won the prestigious Dahl-Nygaard Junior Prize for his software engineering research (aito.org), being the only recipient of that prize that was not a university professor.

Vinicius Senger


Senior Technical Evangelist

  Vinicius Senger is a Senior Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services for Latin America and has worked with software development for the past 20+ years. Founder of Globalcode and The Developers Conference, Vinicius is considered a top 20 influencer in IoT development, having developed automation and robotics projects for cars, boats, houses, helmets and many other things. Since 2017 at AWS, he has been working with IoT, Serverless, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Alexa skills and traveled around the world talking about innovation with AWS technologies.

Vlad Mihalcea



Vlad Mihalcea is the CEO of Hypersistence, and he also works as a Developer Advocate for the Hibernate project. He is passionate about enterprise systems, data access frameworks, and distributed systems. He wrote hundreds of articles about Hibernate on vladmihalcea.com, and he has a gold badge for the Hibernate, Java, and JPA tags on StackOverflow. He’s also the author of High-Performance Java Persistence.

Yara Senger



Yara Senger is engaged in transforming the Brazilian IT ecosystem by empowering communities, helping professionals to achieve their career goals and build better software.  She is a Java Champion, JavaOne Rockstar, TEDx Speaker and also the CEO of The Developer's Conference, the largest Developer's Conference in Latin America, engaging more than 100 local communities, thousands of speakers and more than 21.000 attendees per year. She has created programs to attract more people to the Technology Industry and increase the diversity not only in the conferences but in the companies.


13th May
Polo de Contenidos Digitales Málaga
Av de Sor Teresa Prat, 15, 29003 Málaga
14th-15th May
FYCMA - Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga
Av. de José Ortega y Gasset, 201, 29006 Málaga
13TH - 15TH MAY 2020

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