The Practical Remote Management Toolkit

We've all heard it, and many have said it: Remote is not the same as in-person, there's something missing. But is that actually true? What if we use appropriate tools and techniques to build trust and create deep personal connections with people? In this workshop, we are going to look at practical exercises and tools you can use with your team members and colleagues in a remote world that will help you get to know each other better and find new ways to interact and solve problems. We will talk about mental health and how to navigate difficult conversations. We will write, talk and listen to practice skills you will be able to use in your daily work immediately.

Eva Lettner

Eva Lettner

Engineer Manager

Eva used to be a frontend developer until she uttered the words "I can see myself leading a team in a couple of years ... maybe". A month later she was managing a group of developers and hasn't looked back since. Delving into coaching techniques and communication theory she created an intuitive approach to engineering management to engage with her fully remote team at This Dot. In her free time, she tends to jump from hobby to hobby and enjoys everything from reading to crafting, trying out new sports, and falling down various research rabbit holes.

What the attendees will learn

Attendees will learn methods, skills and exercises for creating a healthy and connected team.


The participants will need an A4 notepad and something to write with for one of the exercises.

The Practical Remote Management Toolkit

Date and time:


09:00 - 11:00


Management, Soft Skills

Target audience roles:

Engineering managers, Remote managers, Lead roles




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