Time Series Database Challenge

Time-Series are everywhere and so are databases too. Which one is the best? Well, you can go through all benchmarks you want but you will never be able to find out who is telling you the truth.

That is the reason to have this hands-on with 2 of the coolest time-series databases vendors in the Market: TimeScale and QuestDB.

During this hands-on we will split the attendees into 2 groups, we will work with a single dataset, analyse the data and perform different queries to learn about the different approaches and functionalities of each database. At the end of the session, we will confront the results and will happily join together to drink some beers.


Jônatas Davi Paganini

Jônatas Davi Paganini

Developer Advocate

Nerd, cyclist, and blogger. I'm a pair programming evangelist. Vim editor user and enthusiast.

Miguel Arregui

Miguel Arregui

Senior Software Engineer

Miguel is a software engineer within the core team at QuestDB. Before QuestDB he worked for a few years in Fintech, mostly coding the middleware between trading parties. Prior to that, he worked in Biotech and Pharma, designing and coding bespoke applications for managing drug discovery pipelines and associated wet-lab data. He also worked for a year and a half at CERN coding the data acquisition system for the ALICE experiment; for 18 months at the European Space Agency keeping the gamma-ray observatory INTEGRAL in orbit, and nearly three years at the European Bioinformatics Institute indexing the scientific literature to conduct text mining tasks and develop their search engine; all those years getting familiar with the scientific method and producing software to process diverse kinds of data.

What the attendees will learn

They will learn about Time-Series databases and analysis.


- A laptop with your favourite IDE.
- A QuestDB and TimeScaleDB installed version on your machine.

Companies that use this technology

Walmart, Apple, Salesforce, Airbus, Yahoo!, etc.

Workshop Plan

1.- Ingest dataset.

2.- Analyse Time-Series

3.- Query performance

4.- Conclusions

Time Series Database Challenge

Date and time:


15:00 - 18:00


Time-Series, Databases

Target audience roles:

Developers, Data Scientists




Self-Service Coffee
(This workshop is free for general ticket holders until the end of stock)